October 31, 2007

Ho Ho For the Holidays!

Fun,bright and funky...this darling 2pc set perfect for the holiday season!

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Great tips for us Moms!

Here some great tips for us Moms! I should probably practice this more.... From Morning Stretch newsletter.

Exercise Your Bones!

Think calcium is the best way to protect your bones from the ravages of time? Exercise may be even better! Researchers from Penn State found that women who engaged in weight-bearing exercise on a regular basis had better bone mass, even if they had a lower calcium intake! That's because bone, just like muscle, builds strength based on how much strain it bears.
Experts recommend that women get started as early in life as possible, since most bone mass is built before age 30. But it's never too late! Those over 30 can protect the bone mass they have with proper diet and exercise. In short, make sure your calcium intake is adequate — 1,000 to 1,500 mg a day depending on your age — and include activities such as walking, jogging, dancing, hiking, stair climbing, aerobic dance, and resistance training with weights or exercise bands in your schedule three to five times a week. Here's to you and your beautiful bones!