June 18, 2008

Call it fate, destiny or Blessing

What ever you want to call it,it was not in my plans to be raising grandkids after 50+. But guess what? It was in God's plans!
So, here I am, in my golden years,raising twin girls.(it was not on my DH plans either,lol) Regardless, after raising 4 boys, it is quite a challenge to be raising girls now. Who was the one who said that girls were drama queens? Believe me ,they were right!

It seems, that more and more grandparents are raising grandkids today. I met a lady the other day that was rasing her great grandkids,2,4,6yrs old!! As you can see, we are not the exception anymore, it is an every day reality.

My bumblebees,that is what I call them, because they are always on the move, are our life and what ever God's plan are, we will embrace it with open arms.
How many of you know anyone raising grandkids. I would love to read about their challenges.